Bridal shopping outside India and Pakistan

For many of us girls living outside of our cultural homeland, when it comes to shopping for our weddings it can be a tough choice between shopping locally and going back.

We all know that when we shop locally we are probably not getting the best deal. I mean, all these garments are coming from India or Pakistan and have huge mark-ups! This can be a huge problem because weddings are expensive affairs! Normally, as a compromise, we sacrifice on quality for ‘the look’ and low prices because that’s the important thing, right? We may do that without even knowing but the important thing is that we want to look stunning on our big day. The other big problem is variety. Shops will only stock things that they are sure will sell, they wont risk buying something that only a few brides will love, so there is no chance on getting something unique, whether it be Lenghas, Saris, Suits, Anarkalis or Gowns.

At Wed In Vogue we believe that no bride should sacrifice anything for her big day. We bring Indian prices to all brides across the world. So, what does that mean? Well firstly it means that we display prices on all our items – we don’t hide them like many do because we have nothing to hide. In fact, at the time of writing, has more than 2/3s of it’s sales on the Indian subcontinent. It also means that by going for this pricing model all of our garments are on premium quality materials and all of our lenghas are hand made. You get the look and the quality – this has a real impact to how you feel and the flow of the outfits as you move on your big day. You will look and feel like a million dollars!

The dichotomy of choice, choice is good right? Well, all big decisions should be made in the time they take – and decisions don’t get bigger than what to wear on our big day! At Wed In Vogue we source designs from many designers and we are constantly expanding our offering. We have buyers and designers at all the major hubs in India and so no matter what you are after – we have it. If you cannot find ‘it’ on our site – then contact us regarding our bespoke offering. Bespoke to us can mean designing from scratch or even sourcing designs for our clients – these are both means to the same end. Most of our Brides either customise or get bespoke outfits so that they have something unique.

So get in touch with us and let us know what your plan is. Even if it is just for a chat, we have a great deal of experience and we can help – you are under no obligation to buy. You can contact us or visit us on Facebook

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