Plan a shopping trip with Wed In Vogue

Flying to Delhi for a week or two to get all of your wedding shopping? We are sure that you have either visited before and found some great places to shop or this will be your first shopping trip and you have some great recommendations from family and friends! Either way you should visit us and our vendors. We have in-house wholesalers and designers where you get exclusive discounts.

Since we founded this service we have helped many brides and grooms, along with their families, get all of their outfits, jewellery, cards, etc from us. After shopping around in India they decided to buy all of their outfits from our in-house team. We often hear the same story, people frustrated at trying to figure out who sells what in which store and at what price. Our service is as easy as 1,2,3.

So why contact us?

  1. It's free. The consultation is free! We love shopping and helping clients make their special day extra special.
  2. Saves you money. We are locals and we have been in the fashion industry for more than 30 years. We get preferential treatment - so you will get preferential treatment. We get local prices and family rates - so you get local prices and family rates. 
  3. Tracking orders and customisations. India is a unique place to do business and often things go wrong. We will manage the production and delivery of all you purchases and ensure that there are no mistakes. If you are visiting India for less than 4 weeks you will not be able to purchase and take your garments with you if they are made to measure - so this is a very important aspect of our service.
  4. Saves you time. In our experience with previous clients - it only takes us 2 days to find everything you need. If you are less decisive you may need more time but after the initial consultation we are sure that we will send you to the right places and we will have pre-meetings with these places and our designers to ensure you get VIP treatment and they know what you are after.
  5. Convenient - we can arrange cars and even have the mens tailor visit you. In our experience men prefer our tailor to visit them with samples and swatches.

Ok, I’m sold. Now tell me how this works.

Although the initial consultation is free and we can provide you with help during this consultation - managing orders and customisations, arranging cars and meetings are all chargeable and depend on the shopping package that you choose with us.

And finally,

We strongly recommend that if you end up saving time and money with us that you give a little something back - we can arrange visits to charitable organisiations where you can donate food clothing or time.

We look forward to hearing from you at - or Contact us.